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“The art of tomorrow will be a collective treasure or it will not be art at all,”  Victor Vasarely.

Victor Vasarely, and this particular quote continue to be THE  inspiration – and true compass- for our designer, who like Vasarely believes that art has to be of a collaborative and collective nature, or it would not be art at all .

 This is one of our earliest timeless handmade jewelry collections. One that is very close to our hearts. As it is crowned by a timeless pattern, Vasarely’s Riu-Kiu-C. Created in 1960 and inspiring artists everywhere to date.  

Discover ‘The Pattern’ collection now, A tribute to Vasarely who is still inspiring us to continue exploring, and endeavor to look beyond what we believe we see.

THE PATTERN Jewelry Collection

THE PATTERN in black

This collection was limited edition for the pattern in black, the black is electrostatic paint on brass and the gold is gold plated brass. 

last piece created was in  September 2020.

Goodbye Black Pattern.

photos by Moahamad El-Hadidi

PATTERN 2018 Necklace & Black Earrings_e
PATTERN 2018 Necklace
PATTERN 2018 Black & Gold Earrings
PATTERN 2017 Square Earrings

THE PATTERN in classic look - discontinued-

This collection was the first inspired from Vasarely' pattern.  That was in 2016 .

So it is one of our classics,

the pattern is engraved, on a curved piece of brass.

This collection is still available  in special occasions.

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