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Our designer's opinion is

" brass is a surviving material , choose it for a ring that you never put off.

Gold plating with out matte finish had a striking look for earrings, pendants and bracelets, or a statement ring that you put off when you arrive home." 

Caring for PLATED Pieces

Applies on silver plated and gold plated pieces 

All our pieces are plated in-house with great care and high quality, using the tips below will ensure that their plating lasts longer, bringing you unending joy and happiness.

  • Remember to avoid getting perfumes, lotions, soap or makeup on your plated pieces. If any of these products get on your pieces by mistake, wipe it off as soon as possible with a soft cloth.

  • Remember to take off your plated pieces before swimming.

  • Always remember to store your plated jewelry separately in its box.


If after all the care outlined above your plated  piece lost a bit of its original shine, polish it with toothpaste. Use a soft cloth or your fingers to rub the paste in, then rinse it with water to remove the left over over the paste so it doesn't stain, and dry immediately.


Caring for BRASS

We love creating pieces for you in brass, particularly pieces worn and in high contact areas,- like that ring you wear so often - We love creating in brass because it is such a surviving material and really withstands the wear and tear of use. It is always good to follow the tips below so that the beauty of your piece lasts longer.

  • If your brass piece is losing a bit of its shine, remember that this is natural , just polish it with some lemon juice, vinegar, or ketchup. Use a soft cloth, make sure the lemon/vinegar,or ketchup you used covers the piece entirely , then let it sit for a few hours - to allow for the deoxidation to take effect-  finish off by rubbing any residue with a dry or a very lightly moistened clean soft cloth. ​


  • If you are wearing brass it is great to know that there is no need to take off your piece before swimming. 

  • If you are wearing brass remember there is no need to avoid getting perfumes, lotions, soap or any material on your piece.

  • It is always better to store your  brass jewelry separately in its box, to protect it from the abrasion of dust.

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