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The Floral collection explores organic geometries as found in nature, delving deeper into the concept of working with contrasting opposites to design outstanding designer  jewelry collections.  


 To date floral adornments are found on everyday items, as well as the traditional Kheyameya textile, and in a variety of Islamic art, for which unique craftsmanship has been passed on through generations. And continues to be a big part of our culture as Egyptian jewelry designers. Similar to the heritage of Khayameya , we pass our wealth of knowledge and craftsmanship to every handmade jewelry piece , creating exquisitely crafted jewelry pieces. 


Have a look at how our floral collection representing femininity, beauty, and prosperity has reinvented the organic floral patterns found all around us and turned them into unique minimalist fashion jewelry.

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flral elegant ring gold plated .jpg
Floral pendant
flral elegant ring gold plated _edited.jpg
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