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This collection travels back to the heart and core of design theory bringing you the line – one of the most basic design elements- now in a full Designer jewelry collection.

We believe that serenity is in going back to basics. Where we rekindle our most elementary principles; It is there that we re-learn self care and  it is also there that we let go of superfluous flourish that in reality could only be holding us back. The polished sophistication of this artisan-made jewelry collection is crowned by the intense attention we gave to the finishing and plating of every piece.

If you believe that there is immense courage, and happiness in simpler living then check out one of our bestselling handcrafted collection of timeless minimalist jewelry pieces, The Line. 


The Necklace, pin , and bracelet in this collection can be styled differently.

the Line small earrings .jpg
the line tall earrings .jpg
the line horizontal necklace.jpg
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