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"Eman Design" is a minimal fashion jewelry brand, offering handmade designer jewelry.


The founder, Eman El-Banna, originally studied architecture, which continues to influence her designs; she believes that this is another type of jewelry that is not about the craft of silversmith but it is more of architectural jewelry. A design process is building it, a making process is very well designed and very fine final touches are added. And exactly like a beautiful building, the user is the most important person in the process.

The brand concept was taking jewelry beyond being a luxury towards making design and beauty accessible to everyone

In this artisan-made jewelry online store, you will find all what you need of minimal, timeless and elegant jewelry. 

Believing that the users' experience is the most important part of the whole process, Eman has recently focused on “Changeable jewelry” in most of her new designs. 
It is a new concept that she created to give the users the chance to make their own change in their own jewelry; it makes the jewelry transformable which allows you to buy one piece of jewelry and make it new and different everytime you wear it. 

This geometric process takes a lot of studies and trials to make a new design, which is Eman's big passion, nevertheless "Quality" is also her priority. 

This is how Eman decided to build up her own workshop. And to control quality, she trained young women to be “jewelry makers”. After observing the fact that jewelry making is a kind of a "man" world, which didn't make sense to her, she decided not only to train these women on jewelry making, but also to train them on other different social aspects that will definitely influence their lives, building her empire of capable women who can build their own happiness.

Jewelry making in Eman's eyes is not only a business, but also a whole world where she can start the change.

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