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Color difference 

Sometimes it feels confusing that brass and gold both have a gold color !

Yes both are gold in color but there is a difference that you can see when put side by side. As shown in the photo:

Brass (left side) is yellow with green undertones, it is less shiny compared to gold. Brass however has its own charm and it is one of the few metals that ages well, as it darkens over time. And as we all know it is so easy to clean.


Gold plating (Right side) , when done well gold plating should remind you of real gold, with red undertones. Unlike the paleness of brass, gold plating is more pronounced, the color should seem very saturated. If you care for your Gold plated piece it should maintain its color and shine through the years.

check the care instruction for more information on how to maintain the beauty of all your pieces .

colors difference.jpg
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